Happy 200th birthday!


This year Geneva Botanic Garden celebrates its 200th birthday. I ate some of the cake because the BGCI congress was timed especially to join in celebrating this wonderful milestone. That’s the cake that looks like a small fire.

Esther, a gardener from Geneva BG shows a group of BGCI congress delegates around

The gardens has decided to tell the story of these 200 years in such a neat way, using an outdoor garden based exhibit laid out as a ‘chronological stroll’. The walk through outdoor exhibition starts at 1817 with de Candolle, who started the garden (though it wasn’t at the current site, but originally in the old town). It presents minigardens to highlight how the gardens were built and developed through time. 

An interpretive sign explains this and then a minigarden is presented in the style (in this first case, taxonomic) of the time.
They’ve even used different labels suited to each period.

The centre of the current site is a rock garden built in 1904. Each area of the rock garden contains species from Alps in Europe, as well as a few extras, I noticed  China and Oceania (They had quite a few NZ natives). The mini rock garden in the 200th birthday exhibit is too cute to leave out.

The mini- rock garden in the 200th birthday chronological stroll exhibit

I love how they depict the building of the greenhouse in 1911 with a steel frame planted in tropicals.
Label in the mini medicinal garden of the 1940’s

The exhibit ends in the present with a minigarden of threatened plants to symbolise the new era of conservation in BG’s. 

The labels in this garden are the current labels used in the garden

I think it’s really clever exhibit/minigarden experience, and a very botanical way to celebrate their birthday.  

Ps I really liked this, the outside wall of the shop is a massive photo of herbarium shelves!

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