The roofs are alive

“Vegetation makes it possible”

…is the tag line of the World Green Infrastructure Network 

I am now in Berlin for the WGI network’s annual meeting where the focus is on green or living roofs, as well as the role of plants in urban climate, rainwater management and sustainability.  

This is BIG. Actually its the largest meeting ever on the greening of buildings in Europe and today 700 people registered!  I have never been to a conference this big (you can probably hear me taking deep calming breaths).  There’s 5 concurrent sessions . We all have these translating headsets so you can listen in either German or English.

I am not speaking at this conference which makes it a bit less nerve wracking. I’ll try and summarise some lessons and ideas for ABG and Auckland Councils Green Infrastructure forum as the conference progresses but I’ll take copious notes for reporting later and meeting back at home with our living roof friends and researchers Robyn Simcock and Renee Davies (who have both contacted me while I’ve been away to discuss plant choices for roofs in Auckland!). 


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