Ending up in an unknown, not on your itinerary Czech city,  Liberec, the train from Poland  only came here, not Prague) was fortunate as they have a really cool Botanic Garden

Its central feature is a group pavilions, or glasshouses, which represent different plant biomes or themes e.g. Australia, the tropics, Asia, primitive plants etc. They are quirky, packed full of interesting things at all levels, including epiphytes poked here and there, tall trees (the Araucaria araucana can’t get much taller here without hitting the roof), flowering orchids, ferns and shrubs. 

It was nice to visit Australia for a few minutes!

Xanthorrhoea australis, a grass tree (one of my favourite Aussie plants)
Not that I like caged birds but they had some Aussie birds here to make the experience authentic.
Australia! With no NZ plants which is a relief. Most gardens combine NZ plants into the Australian section. Thumbs up to Heligan Garden in Cornwall that put Australian plants in the NZ garden!

This is a real plant fanatics place as in there is a fabulous range of species all very clearly labeled. But the two kids we followed around also had a great time dashing about the garden rooms which were well landscaped and pleasant places to be. But it’s more in the plant geek spectrum. 

They had an Aloe collection that might rival ours at Auckland BG, especially the smaller ones.

Outside there was a beautiful rock garden including one that replicated natural Czech landscapes.

Flora of the rocky grasslands of North Bohemia
I was able to learn about the grasslands at these handy multi-lingual stations. You push a button and hear a short explanation.  

Choose your language & learn!

There is an impressive collection carnivous plants, a bug that strays in here would have next to no chance of survival! 

You can learn your wetland plants here too without getting your feet wet or risking tick bites.

In terms of cultivated plants they focus on Clematis and Hemarocallis/day lilies (a few weeks off from flowering – one of two in bloom). 

Clematis ‘Ville de Lyon’
The clematis each had their own frames on either side of the path. Only one or two were in flower, it’s only just summer here. 

There was a whole room for their water lilies and a special viewing platform. 

Well worth a visit if you also find yourself intentionally or accidentally in Liberec!


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