A castle in the forest

Ksiaz Castle (Zamek Ksiaz in Polish) is set in the Sudetan mountain beech forest. The dominant trees I saw were Quercus robur & Fagus sylvatica. Apparently there are yew trees too but I didn’t find them. 

The outlook from the castle windows for 360 degrees is forest which must have been very nice for the occupants. Probably not so much for the staff cleaning 500 rooms and lighting a few hundred fireplaces. They had 9000 staff (house & grounds including farm and gardens), the family of 5 that lived here. 

The gardens of the castle are on two terraces which linked mature tall forest and the castle well because the terraces felt like a room of the castle more than a garden. Gardens and castle sit just above the forest like theyre floating on it. 

The castle is being gradually clothed in ivy.

Princess Daisy was Welsh (married off to the wealthiest German count at aged 18) and she bought Rhododendrons from the UK, which look amazing under the beech trees as you enter the grounds.

The garden is organic, very prominently displayed in the formal castle terrace garden. The last non-organic garden I was in was Ukraine, seems pretty normal for Polish public Gardens to be off the chemicals. 


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